Digital Purchasing by BDF EXPERTS

Optimised digital purchasing integrated in SAP

Digitise your procurement with the SAP-integrated solution portfolio from BDF EXPERTS. With the BDF SAP ADD-Ons Document Control Center (DCC) and BDF Collaboration Center (BCC), you create the optimal conditions for handling your procurement completely digitally. Send document packages and monitor document deliveries of documentation or other applicable documents directly integrated in SAP.

"In complex procurement processes, digital purchasing saves resources and increases transparency in procurement many times over. Integrated deadline tracking allows you to keep an eye on all necessary document deliveries and react immediately in the event of delays. This is particularly worthwhile for mandatory documents such as documentation or declarations of conformity."

Maximilian Böttge, EXPERT for Digital Purchasing at BDF



The BDF Document Control Center provides you with folder structures to manage document templates and purchasing processes in a structured manner.

Save time by automatically determining which documents you need with just one click. You can also automatically generate the necessary documents for inquiries, orders or delivery schedules.

Keep track of all delivery dates. The integrated progress tracking allows you to track the dates for each document and automatically changes the order status as soon as the document is received.

Work closely with your suppliers. Via the BDF Collaboration Center, the web-based collaboration platform from BDF EXPERTS, you can make documents available or request them from your suppliers. It is also possible for you to let your suppliers maintain data such as classification data or measured values.

Integration with the BDF Document Control Center (DCC)

The BDF Document Control Center forms the basis for efficient and highly automated digital purchasing. Compile document packages with a single click and distribute them to your suppliers by email or via a digital platform. You can also control the receipt of documents to be delivered, such as declarations of conformity, documentation etc. Thanks to the structured storage of your documents in SAP and the links to products and projects, you no longer waste time searching for, naming or filing documents.