BDF Cost Calculation Cockpit

Our Tool for SAP-integrated calculation during development of complex products

"Many of our customers look for accurate cost calculation even at the earliest project stages. Most of the data required for these calculations is already recorded in the system. With the help of our solution, you can bundle data in a well-structured manner letting you calculate product costs from a very early stage on."

Thomas Dohmen
Managing Director BDF EXPERTS
Thomas Dohmen
Thomas Dohmen
Managing Director BDF EXPERTS

Easy calculation with our Cost Calculation Cockpit

Our Cost Calculation Cockpit (CCC) provides you with accurate cost calculations based on individual product structures and access to all information stored in the SAP system, such as previous order prices, supplier offers, or previous production order costs. Rising raw material prices? No problem, our CCC lets you manually modify and adjust calculations at any time.

  • Calculations based on product structures
  • SAP S/4HANA compatible
  • Basis for cost controlling and offers

Full cost control in combination with the Simultaneous Costing Cockpit

In combination with the BDF Simultaneous Costing Cockpit (SCC) you can plan and monitor costs transparently throughout the entire product life cycle. The Cost Calculation Cockpit lets you easily transfer known costs of previous projects into your calculation. Transfer your calculation into an offer – once confirmed by your customer, your calculation will be integrated automatically into the planned costs that can be easily further specified and compared with the actual costs throughout the project. 


  • purchasing info records
  • purchase orders
  • lot-size calculation
  • production orders
  • material masters

Easily adjust calculations manually, e.g. in case of outdated data or older orders.

Use existing product structures as basis for your product calculation. In combination with the BDF Process Control Center, the CCC lets you centrally maintain all data in one place, e.g. documents, cost calculations, or materials, even at the product development phase.