Variant configuration

Optimised sales order production integrated in SAP

Generate your sales order production with the SAP-integrated solution portfolio from BDF EXPERTS. With SAP Product and Process Governance (SAP PPG), variety-rich products with complex bills of materials and routings can be easily generated and brought under control along the product life cycle. These structures are accompanied by 3D CAD models, documents, cost and schedule data.

When using variant configuration, it is not necessary to create a separate material for each product variant. The use of configurable materials and object dependencies makes it possible to define rules for possible variants without having to explicitly define them at the beginning. By using maximum BOMs and maximum routings, object dependencies can be used to predefine all components and operations and produce all possible variants. The properties of the individual components are stored in characteristics. By configuring a variant, specific characteristics are used to restrict the maximum possible scope of all components more and more until you finally obtain a single product.

Variant configuration is used in industries with product lines that use modular components to produce goods that are specially adapted to customer requirements.

Sebastian Fuchs, EXPERT for Variant Configuration



Summarise design and production-specific information in a model. The iPPE node with interface to SAP PPG is the information carrier here. You work with virtual materials and documents in the early phases of product creation. As these do not have to be created in full beforehand, the engineers' work is not slowed down. This is because any available information can be added as and when required.

Save yourself double the work. With the BDF variant configuration, you can reuse iPPE nodes and their documents and materials in subsequent product lines.

Thanks to the special locking logic, several people can work simultaneously on a single structure.

The properties of individual components are stored in characteristics. By configuring a variant, these characteristics are used to automatically filter out the appropriate components until a single product is ultimately created.

You also save time by automatically generating the material master files.

Integration with SAP Product and Process Governance (SAP PPG)

SAP Product and Process Governance enables different views of one and the same product in SAP. This means that every user has direct access to the data they need. For the controller, for example, this is the transparent cost overview, while for the engineer it is all the documents required for acceptance of the product by the customer. At the same time, the downstream processes are provided with the necessary data. For example, if the date for triggering an order is due, the order is created automatically and the corresponding documents from the data model are attached.