Treasury Management

Your carefree package

It is becoming increasingly difficult to correctly assess short-term cash flow fluctuations. Therefore, quickly updatable and active liquidity planning is an essential part of financial risk management. Make accurate forecasts of your company's cash flows and liquidity with the Treasury Management Factory based on SAP. By centralising and standardising cash flows, you create the opportunity to implement end-to-end processes.

The direct operational integration into the in-house bank, the payment processes from cash management and treasury as well as the decisions for the right financial instruments is a key criterion for success.

With the SAP Treasury Management Factory, you get the carefree package with optimised cash and treasury management, as well as an in-house bank. The SAP TMS Factory or Digital Backbone consists of a mix of the SAP Treasury Suite and the SAP add-on products from BDF. The solution is 100% integrated into SAP, including the interfaces to external systems.

Thomas Dohmen, Director


The BDF EXPERTS approach is not only fully integrated into the SAP system, but also offers an interface to your internal systems. Have your data automatically processed from the SAP system in compliance with all bank-specific regulations. With our add-ons, such as the BDF LPC and BDF CPC, you receive a customised solution and create integrated and holistic support for your treasury management processes. Thanks to the optimised interaction of the individual modules and active involvement in the financial markets, you can plan your investments optimally.

BDF Liquidity Planning Cockpit (BDF LPC)

Thanks to the deep integration into the SAP modules along the financial supply chain, as well as the Cash Position Cockpit (BDF CPC), you have all data transparently at a glance. This allows you to focus entirely on your liquidity planning without having to worry about the correctness and procurement of the required data. At the same time, the results of your liquidity planning are transferred directly and made available for cash planning.


Create end-to-end processes through centralised data processing of all your company's payment flows.

Your payment flows are managed centrally and transparently via the Treasury Management Factory.

Shorter communication channels create active liquidity planning and thus increase your efficiency.

By minimising accounts and bank relationships, you can ensure secure payment transactions.