Financial Document Management

Send, receive and archive invoices integrated in SAP

Save time and money by sending and receiving invoices digitally. With the BDF Document Control Center, you can handle the entire invoice process (incoming and outgoing) integrated in SAP. System interruptions are completely eliminated, as sending and receiving can be fully integrated into SAP, including the option of creating customised cover letters or sending additional attachments.

Keep track of invoices sent and save your resources - the invoice process developed by BDF and fully integrated into SAP makes it possible.

Michael Völkl, EXPERT for Treasury und Corporate Finance



The integrated dispatch monitor allows you to keep track of invoices that have already been sent. The choice is yours: use text modules or create customised letters for your customers.

See at a glance which invoices, reminders and credit notes have been received and paid and which are still outstanding. Archive completed invoices with just one click.

By using the ZUGFeRD format for electronic invoices, the invoices you send via the Document Control Center are recognised throughout the EU. They comply with European standard 16931 and can therefore be received and processed by all European administrations in accordance with EU Directive 2014/55/EU.

The Document Control Center is fully integrated into SAP. There are no interfaces or system breaks - your users will not notice the change from the SAP standard to the Document Control Center.

Only store your invoices digitally and use the Document Control Center as an archive. We will be happy to support you with certification so that you can store your invoices digitally in an audit-proof manner.

Document Control Center (BDF DCC)

The Document Control Center not only enables you to send and receive invoices digitally, but also offers numerous other options for managing your documents integrated in SAP. For example, you can manage your contracts and archive important documents in an audit-proof manner and in accordance with applicable regulations.