Management Accounting

Management Accounting

Management accounting is concerned with the internal cost accounting view of the company. BDF EXPERTS advises you on all important topics relating to overhead cost accounting, cost centre accounting and profit and market cost accounting. This enables you to keep an eye on your company's costs at all times and adapt your calculations to current market conditions. By branching out into other SAP modules such as SAP-TRM (Treasury Management), you can also derive valuable insights to give you a decisive advantage.

Management Accounting offers you the following functions with the help of the SAP "CO" module:

  • Cost element and cost centre accounting
  • Profitability analysis and market costing
  • Budgeting and availability control
  • Budget management
  • Coordination, monitoring and optimisation of business activities

We work with you to develop a solution package to optimise the mapping of individual company requirements in internal company costing. This enables you to utilise important elements such as budget allocation and management in a targeted manner and optimally align your business activities for the future.

Sebastian Feldges, Head of Profit Center Finance & Controlling, BDF EXPERTS 


Our experts from the Management Accounting department will provide you with comprehensive advice on all important issues relating to internal accounting. Our diverse services include solutions in the areas of cost centre accounting and overhead cost controlling. By branching out into other specialist areas, such as the Treasury module, valuable findings can also be mapped here, which can give you a decisive advantage.


Transparent cost control thanks to simultaneous costing for projects and products

The BDF SCC enables you to achieve comprehensive and integrated cost controlling with SAP.

BDF Management Accounting enables targeted analyses of the various areas of the company.

Your entire company benefits from good management accounting. This makes it possible to automatically transfer data to other SAP modules.

Creation of efficient budget planning across the individual cost centres.

A detailed cost overview provides the basis for assessing the current market situation. This provides the opportunity to define new corporate goals or restructure existing ones.