BDF Treasury Reporting Suite

Flexible dashboard with Fiori technologies such as UI5 and S/4 Analytics

Many companies want real-time, transparent and clear reporting of current company figures. The BDF Treasury Reporting Suite combines the depth of detail of ERP with S/4 Analytics. This opens up an unprecedented analysis option for comparing budget and forecast planning with the current situation.

Previously, the SAP GUI was used for this reporting: Thanks to the integration into the ERP, this reporting always offers the most up-to-date data. On the other hand, it is unrivalled in terms of speed of use. The disadvantage, however, is that the reports in SAP GUI are not graphically appealing. To close this gap, workarounds such as Excel integration or a separate data warehouse solution were previously used. However, there were other disadvantages here, such as the inability to display more details on individual data records (drill-down functionality).

With the BDF Treasury Dashboard, BDF EXPERTS has now implemented a reporting system that combines the advantages of the ERP's depth of detail with the advantages of other analysis tools.

Objectives in the development of the BDF Treasury Reporting Suite:

  • ERP-integrated data management in real time
  • Web-based access also for mobile devices
  • Drill-down functionality
  • Customizable preconfigured reports can be used

"Thanks to SAP's new technical capabilities, it is now possible to combine ERP and analytics in a way that was previously unthinkable."

Uwe Hermann | Director


Insight into customizing

Each row requires an individual row ID so that these rows can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. In addition, the row customizing controls which values are saved in the historical snapshot tables in order to supply the graphics with data. Preconfigured reports can be customized using these and other customizing tables.

Do you need more information about the BDF Treasury Dashboard?

The Treasury Reporting Suite can be used as a stand-alone dashboard or as a data supplier for existing analysis solutions. We would be happy to evaluate what a possible architecture could look like for you.