Cash Position Cockpit

The SAP Cockpit for your daily cash disposition

"You no longer have to miss out on sophisticated functions, customized planning, or a tried and tested control interface, just because the SAP standard doesn’t offer these features. By developing the Cash Position Cockpit, we have created a valuable add-on that provides, at a glance, all information relevant to your daily disposition. Enjoy the benefits of our Cash Position Cockpit and use the time saved to tackle important issues."

Thomas Dohmen
Managing Director BDF EXPERTS
Thomas Dohmen
Thomas Dohmen
Managing Director BDF EXPERTS

Daily Cash Disposition with the Cash Position Cockpit

Our BDF Cash Position Cockpit gives you all the functions you need for daily disposition, easily controlled via a single cockpit.

 Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Deep integration into SAP
  • No switching between individual transactions
  • Tailored to your specific needs

High level of integration thanks to Cash Position Cockpit

Integration is our passion. Our Cash Position Cockpit seamlessly integrates into your SAP environment, standard SAP modules, Treasury Management, and our BDF Liquidity Planning Cockpit (LPC).

The BDF Cash Position Cockpit’s key functions

Structured, interactive compilation of all relevant information (individual customizing environment) in SAP Cash Management:

  • Determination of disposition time and content
  • Cashflow assignment in accordance with customized planning level
  • Display of single values down to the lowest accounting level
  • Pooling suggestions based on customized settings
  • Disposition update including recorded transactions
  • Direct payment run read-outs

Interface for interactive disposition featuring integration with all relevant processes (e.g. drawing credit line, pooling, investments/bonds):

  • Display of all financial investments, bonds and line allocation
  • Investment, prolongation, and drawdown directly controlled via interface
  • Automatic updates

Overview of current financial status:

  • Display of financial status
  • Sorting by country, currency, or type of contract
  • Display of single values down to the lowest level