IT Management

Become a digital leader

"Digital value creation will play a central role for leading companies in the future. If you want to be a digital leader, you need to keep your data up-to-date and correct at all times and have efficient, digital processes. Use the upcoming SAP S/4HANA projects to achieve these goals. We will be happy to support you with our best practices and methods."

Your path to becoming a digital leader

For digital leaders, digital transformation is firmly anchored in the company. The key success factors here are

  • Digital value creation
  • Optimised digital processes
  • Universally valid, correct database: single point of truth

Our recommendation for digital leadership:

  • Establish SAP as a single point of truth
  • Optimise your processes

Best Practices

Master Document Definition List

Make use of our Master Document Definition List to implement or optimize any document management system. It will help you collect, organize, and classify all your documents.

Product and Process Cluster

Our product and process cluster methodology organizes and optimizes your processes quickly and effectively. All clusters are based on best practices gained from over 25 years of project experience, especially in machine and plant engineering.

BDF EXPERTS Project Methodology

BDF‘s project methodology derives from over 25 years of consulting experience in various industries. BDF EXPERTS has systematically advanced Accelerated SAP – the basis of its project methodology – and tailored it to its customers' needs. Thanks to the BDF Project Methodology, BDF handles your project quickly, efficiently, and within the set budget.