Cash position cockpit (BDF CPC) with extended functionalities

Efficiency gains through utilisation of the extended BDF CPC functionalities

BDF EXPERTS has expanded the Cash Position Cockpit with functions that accelerate the daily planning process, increase transparency for all stakeholders and ultimately relieve the burden on the specialist departments through greater automation and process reliability.

What do these functions look like in detail?

The bank transfer has been completely revised and can be carried out in a three-stage process:

  1. Cash pool clearing is available for the first stage, which can be used to carry out zero balancing of accounts within cash pools.
  2. In the second stage, cross-company code and cross-cash pool clearing of pre-pools is optional.

  3. Finally, in the third stage, bank transfers are carried out for the EUR and now also FX cash pools.


Additional key figures such as the view of dispo groups and unreconciled plan values have significantly increased the level of detail of the dispo sheet and thus its transparency. With the masked entry of the dispo currency, it is now also possible to view FX payments from house bank accounts. FX amounts are converted into the respective account currency. The new reconciliation functionality for key figures in the MRP sheet against account statements enables the plan values to be validated and thus increases process reliability.


The BDF Cash Position Cockpit (BDF CPC) provides you with all the functions you need for daily scheduling in a clearly organised cockpit. For transparent and efficient SAP cash management.

The BDF CPC in use at Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH

With regard to the new processes, Birgit Sommer, Cash & FX Manager at Haniel, particularly emphasises the efficiency gains. For example, the elimination of emails counteracts the duplication of data entry by Haniel and portfolio companies. "The companies enter their cash flows independently into the Fiori app so that the data is made available directly in our planning view," reports Ms Sommer. In addition, the alert function enables prompt and automated reminders for the portfolio companies in the event of missing data entry. The automated suggestions for bank transfers to balance the accounts also make day-to-day business easier. The parameters used can be defined by the user. Birgit Sommer adds: "We were able to speed up our processes and relieve our accounting department, particularly thanks to the automated posting and forwarding of transfers to our payment transaction tool."