SAP S/4HANA Treasury Check

We provide an overview and create transparency in the topic:

Treasury is a comprehensive topic. SAP, an integrated system and S/4HANA is generally a complex project in which treasury is one part among many. Overall, both IT and Treasury can lose the overview in the process.

Structuring requirements

  • Let us help you and benefit from our experience - we have successfully organised numerous SAP S/4HANA Treasury implementations and therefore have a wealth of experience. We will first show you the big picture and then "zoom in" on the areas relevant to you - according to your needs.
  • Let us know what specific requirements you have and what you expect from an S/4HANA implementation in Treasury. You will be inspired by the software in your thinking process right from the start - always divided into consulting, departmental and IT parts.
  • If you are not yet sure about your requirements, we will be happy to show you the usual minimum, standard and best practice requirements for each individual point.

Record and process results & findings

  • We are very familiar with classic waterfall methods as well as alternative, more agile working methods.
  • As part of the "S/4HANA TR Check", we set out the project results briefly and concisely in the form of a master plan and an initial business blueprint / framework concept.
  • At the end, you will also receive a precise roadmap for future tasks as part of the SAP S/4HANA implementation.