SAP S/4HANA Strategies

What we experience in project practice

In recent years, the landscape of SAP projects has been heavily influenced by S/4 Transformation in various "colour-field" facets, i.e. the changeover to the new SAP ERP generation. The projects are often driven purely by the fact that established SAP solutions will be phased out of maintenance in the next few years; the aspects that create benefits for the company is often neglected.

This usually results in a set-up of multi-year, agile S/4 transformation projects; the conceptual approach is usually neglected. In our experience, what all projects have in common is that companies favour the on-premise variant, contrary to the cloud propagated by SAP.

We also recognise an upward trend in the SAP IT budgets made available. Companies seem to be managing the crisis situations well. S/4HANA is therefore still very popular - but mainly in on-premise use.

Our SAP clientele currently (as at the end of Q1/2023) uses more than 90% of the ERP software in-house (on-premise). The traditional SAP solution is still leading, i.e. both software generations are usually operated in parallel until one has been completely replaced. Of course, this is also due to the more complex SAP landscapes to be transformed, i.e. long-term projects. The S/4HANA Private Cloud and Public Cloud variants favoured by SAP are currently used by very few; less than 5% in our environment.

The Business Technology Platform (BTP) is very popular among all of SAP's cloud offerings.